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What is a Futureboard™ and why would I want to make one?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Have you ever made a "vision board" or a "dream board," but it didn't seem to work? Attend a vision board party? If so, was the board helpful in getting you to your goals? Did you put it where you could see it daily? Did it evoke a positive feeling?

You invested a small fortune into the magazines or created a collage only your mother could love, and maybe your goals seemed beyond reach, but this is called a "dream" board, right? Or it could be you have always thought these boards were kinda just bullshit and the idea of manifesting or creating a mindset around what you want was for the "woo-woo" types.

If you can relate to any of this, you're not alone. I'd say that most of my clients fall into this category; I also did myself for most of my life. But then I made a Futureboard™ that was aligned with the woman I wanted to become, hung it up at my office, and Voila! It wasn't long before I began living out the moments that were displayed on my Futureboard™. Like manifesting a trip to Scotland, starting a new career path, and being on track to meet my mentor in the Fall all within a few short months of creating my first Futureboard™

A Futureboard™ is similar to the traditional Vision board we have all been hearing about for years with a few powerful differences that make the world of difference in Futureboard™ success, to start manifesting your dream life!

It wasn't magic of course, if you've read the book #HustleBelieveReceive by my mentor and master coach, Sarah Centrella you know that. It involved a lot of work as it always does, but let me tell you, it sure felt like magic!

It took me time to fully believe it, but once I began to make those connections, and realize that what I spoke about (#SayIT), thought and obsessed over (#ThinkIT) and what I surrounded myself with (#SeeIT) was becoming my reality. That was how the Centrella Method™ came about, though testing it out for ten years in Sarah’s own life and then her teaching others to pass it along to their clients.

At present, I teach the 12-week Transformation Bootcamp™ through an online coaching course, and the results have astounded even me! I'm not sure why I'm always surprised because I KNOW this works. It’s been proven over and over again. But there's something about teaching it to someone who may be at the lowest point in their life, with little or no resources or hope, then watching them apply it daily...and then WATCHING IT CHANGE THEIR LIFE! That never gets old believe me!

Here is a recent quote from one of my clients:

“ If this is something you are interested in I highly recommend you make use of this incredible offer from this incredible lady, Laurie Wilcox. I was lucky enough to go through one-on-one coaching with Laurie while working through Sarah’s 12-step coaching method, my life has changed completely. She helped me understand myself better, be kinder to myself and so much more that is too much to mention. Thank you, Laurie “………….. Andrea S.

FUTUREBOARDS™ is Step 8 in the process and IF you would like to learn more schedule a 20 min Discovery session and let's get started creating your dream life too!!

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