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Start Journaling in the Fall - It's not too late.

Journaling in the Fall

Journaling is an amazing therapeutic practice to participate in year-round, but especially fun in the Fall season. In the final months before winter arrives, we can use journaling to collect our harvest and take stock of what we have accomplished. We can review how we feel about what has happened or where we are with the goals we set for the year…

Like squirrels dashing about to prepare for the still days and nights of winter, when the spring & summer frolicking has calmed, we ask ourselves how we are feeling and what we might plan for in the following seasons.

Great spot on the couch with a blanket and sweater, sweet colors on the trees outside the window, a mug full of your favorite hot beverage, a clean notebook page, and a pen, you begin your journaling for the day.

Why Journal in the Fall?

Reasons to begin journaling in the Fall and some tips for what to write about.

There isn’t a time of year when journaling is better than another, but if you have never written in a journal before, Fall is a great time to start. For many people, Fall feels like a new start. It is the start of the 4th quarter, everyone is back to their normal schedules following the summer break, and you are starting to think about or get ready for the holidays.

Journaling has been known to relieve stress along the way to getting- refocused and back to your goals. You can benefit in many ways by writing in a journal during the Fall season. This is true whether you are new to journaling or returning to it after a long

Have a Fall Re-Start with Your Journal

You can use your journal to restart your life this Fall. It helps you get back on track, set your goals, and see what your priorities are. Maybe you are feeling a little lost, unproductive, or unmotivated.

Suppose you believe fixing it on your own is impossible. Write those thoughts down. Why do you believe that, and is that true? Write how that feels, what's really stopping you from taking action on your goals? You can find a lot of clarity just by writing in your journal every day. You need to be open and honest with yourself in your journal for it to be the most beneficial for you.

Start writing stream-of-consciousness style, where you just write about whatever comes to mind. You can feel free to bounce back and forth between topics based on where your mind goes. Before too long, you will have gained a lot of clarity and be well on your way to the Fall season.

Tips for Journaling

If you are new to journaling, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Ignore all rules of writing – This is important because if you pay too much attention to grammar and sentence structure, it will be hard to focus on your thoughts and feelings. Nobody is going to read your journal, so just write how you want and don’t worry about errors.

Use a journal and pen you LOVE

One of the best things you can do before you start journaling is to find a journal you absolutely adore. It should be a perfect size, something you like to look at, and easy to open and lay flat while you write. Experiment with different journals until you find the type you personally love. Add in your favorite pen, and you’re ready to go!

Add it to your daily routine

– Lastly, it is helpful to add journaling into your daily routine, either in the morning or evening. This helps you stay consistent with using it every day.

If you need help with some Fall journaling prompts to get you started, I created a list of 25 Fall Journal Prompts you can get by subscribing to my

Happy Journaling!!


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