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From Futureboard™ to Reality

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I find myself days away from leaving for a dream vacation to Scotland. As I decide what to pack and finish tasks around the house, I have been thinking about all the thoughts and actions that lead me to this opportunity. What seemed to come up unexpectedly was a wish that began so long ago and recently I have been actively manifesting.

I started dreaming about a trip to Scotland after completing a 6th grade Social Studies project. The assignment was to create a project on a country you would like to visit. I chose Scotland. My research was in the days when we used the Encyclopedia, Life Magazine, and National Geographic while trolling all the paper or micro-fiche resources that the Library had to offer.

When I handed in my handwritten report with pictures cut out of magazines (my first Vision Board), I was already deeply in love with this magical Celtic country.

As a kid, my interest in visiting Scotland #Thinkit, maybe because of my heritage or the fascination with Castles and rugged outdoors sort of beauty I saw in the pictures. As years passed, life went on to a career, marriage, and motherhood, but I still had this thought of Scotland cross my mind. When I read the book, Outlander, the desire to go grew. Can anyone else relate??? Or when I watched the movie “Braveheart” and then watched it, again and again, #Seeit … I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this movie. There was always that little voice in my head, “Someday,” “Someday I’m going to visit Scotland!” #Obession

For decades if someone mentioned their travels or spoke about Scotland, I would say that I wanted to go to Scotland someday #Sayit. Then one day in my mid-fifties, I finally committed myself that for my 60th Birthday, I was going to Scotland. #Sayit

My 60th birthday was December 21, 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. For so many reasons, that stunk, but my inner 6th grader took it the hardest. I was crushed but vowed that it would happen by my 65th birthday (pandemic be damned). #RelentlessPursuit

In the Spring/Summer of 2021, I started working on my own Futureboard™. I also began working personally with my coach, Sarah Centrella ~ Futureboard™ creator, in the Fall of 2021. We worked together by doing 12- weeks of Transformation Boot Camp. That meant doing all the work on mindset and manifestations while creating my #LiveList, which of course, had pictures of Scotland, and it all started to fall together. The mindset was pivotal to bringing my future to life. (#HustleReceiveBelieve) The manifestations played out like this:

  • My first client was from Scotland. #manifesting

  • My daughter’s friend asked her to accompany her on a trip to Scotland #itsthejourney

  • My daughter said she wouldn’t go unless I could come because she knew it was one of my lifelong dreams. #Sayit

  • After first looking at the flight's ticket, which was over $2300, I was able to obtain one for $950 #moneyaintathing

  • All before my 61st Birthday this year #bigpicturedreams

I am a believer in the #HBRMethod. This and other things have started to come my way because I am committed to improving my mindset about myself and my life and have faith/ trust that if I take care of myself, the transformation to my dream/ idea/ perfect life will all be manifested and I am grateful for whatever comes my way…

As I am leaving this week for a trip I have been dreaming about for over 40 years #Dreamit; I ask you to please follow me on Instagram to experience my adventures.

I’ll be visiting Edinburgh, Inverness (Isle of Sky), and Aberdeen and planning to see the Royal Mile, Arthurs Seat, the Highlands, Kelties, Edinburgh Castle, and so much more.

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