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Beauty Routine - Switch Up With the Season

Time to take care of yourself after a warm, carefree summer. This is a time to focus on your self-care and ensure you are using the right products and adding important elements to help you look and feel great!

In my former life, before becoming a life coach, I was in the business of beauty. Skin, hair, and nails all have needs, and I continue my beauty routine and encourage you to take care of yourself with healthy habits also.

Just like I recommend, you re-evaluate and create a new vision board with the change of the seasons.

It is good to switch up your beauty routine every time a new season begins, as this allows you to work with the changes in weather and environment.

Here are some ways to customize your beauty routine for the Fall season.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

You should first hydrate in the Fall if you want healthy skin and hair. Keep drinking the same amount of water as you would during the hotter months. It is common to drink a lot of water in the summer when the temperatures are high, and you spend a lot of time outdoors. However, it is just as important to continue hydrating during the Fall and winter seasons.

The hydration makes your skin plumper in ways that cause you to look younger. The water flushes out toxins, and you may need just a little less body lotion. Try to remind yourself to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, though you might need more depending on the day.

Use Face Masks

During autumn, the temperature Falls, and the indoor/ outdoor climate shift can be hard on your skin.

Here in the NorthEast, this means cooler temperatures (35-65F), cold winds, rain, and humidity outside but very dry air inside, which causes freaking havoc on your skin.

Masks are definitely your friend in the Fall season. They help with hydration, exfoliation, moisturizing and detoxifying. Try some Fall-inspired masks, like ones with pumpkin, pomegranate, or cranberry. These are going to smell just like Fall and really get you into the spirit of the season and holidays while working great for self-care as you are doing something good for yourself.

Adjust Your Skincare Routine

When it comes to your skin, your routine should not be the same year-round. Every time the season changes, adjustments need to be made. The deep-cleaning cleansers used during the summer will dry you out, so in the Fall, you need something more hydrating. Look for a cleanser that is lightweight, good for your skin type, and gentle. You always want something non-drying and preferably without sulfates. Gel cleansers are recommended because they are usually more hydrating than foaming cleansers.

Take Your Hair Down

Did you spend a lot of days over the summer with your hair up in a ponytail or bun? This is common as it’s hot, and we don't want to be sweaty, so the last thing you want to do is feel the hair on your neck and shoulders.

However, the cooler temperatures mean you can let your hair down. Studies have shown that you could start experiencing hair breakage and bad headaches by keeping your hair up year-round. This new season takes your hair out of all its confinement, leaves your hair down, and adds to your hair routine use more leave-in conditioner for shine and softness. This also has been proven to improve your hair's hydration and protect against indoor dry heat.

I hope you enjoyed the read and it inspired you to take action as your Clean Beauty Artist and Life Coach for more tips on life and beauty, follow me at

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